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"VoE are one of the few bands around who can rinse our eyes and ears, finding something new to say, which is risky and different." – Carlisle Egypt (Band Of Joy)

Vault Of Eagles are a rock/alternative trio from the Midlands. The band was formed in 2010 and is comprised of Mari Randle (vocals, guitar), Hetty Randle (bass, vocals) and Scott Ewins (drums).

Visceral, angular and exposed, VoE twist their influences beyond recognition, from their psychedelic, dirty riffs to the unbridled swagger and sway of the rhythm section. Their music traverses a vast sonic spectrum of blues, psychedelia, grunge, alternative and rock, all compounded into one. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Mari, said, "This is the music we grew up with, and it's woven into the fabric of our creativity. We want to take these influences further, and make them our own."

In contrast to the over-processed and over-hyped pop culture of today, where music is a monument of style-over-substance, a disposable, ungratifying commodity, VoE are an anomaly. Much of their artistic vision is made on their own terms: the artwork is intricate and meticulously hand-drawn, the t-shirts hand-painted and unique, and, likewise, the music drawn from their own unadulterated worldview, unashamed and unapologetic. A far cry from current trends, and all the better for it.

"Vault Of Eagles have already earned a serious reputation for delivering solid, edgy, hard-hitting rock." – Slap! Magazine

Mari's distorted guitar riffs are dirge-like elegies, angst-ridden and turbulent, contrasted with an illuminating sense of melody, which proves a potent combination. Hetty's bass lines are urgent and insistent, weaving their way through the aural dissonance, while Scott's powerful drumming keeps the entire ensemble grounded. Mari's voice is soulful, dynamic; whispering intently one moment, a tortured wail the next, with Hetty's layered harmonies bringing light and shade to the mix. Lyrically, they approach a myriad of subjects, taking a magnifying glass to various emotional and social themes. From the inner struggle of the human condition, to modern-day consumerism, to the self-imposed prisons we create for ourselves.

"Songs that are powerful, hard, moody, melodic, a 70s groove with the influences of their generation of grunge and 21st century blues/rock... Dark, atmospheric, cool and edgy... 5/5" – Jack Caplan, It's Alive! Magazine

Discussing the band's genesis, Mari, said, "We didn't set out with a grand design: our music is a melting pot of ideas and influences – music, art, poetry, literature – all of it comes into play. But, most importantly, it doesn't come from the head, it comes from the gut. It's primal, guttural, part improvised, part instinct."

"This band really stand apart, musically and lyrically, they have to be seen live! Unique and total quality." – BBC Introducing

They have been a fixture of the live music scene, both in the Midlands and further afield, playing clubs, national venues and festivals alike. It's not just audiences they have impressed, but also critics, too, with rapturous reviews and write-ups in local press and radio, including 'BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester'.

Hetty, who is responsible for all of the band's artwork, adds, "Everything we do is a work of art. From the music and album covers, to the posters and t-shirts, each one is hand-crafted and unique. It's all an extension of us, as artists. We take the time, effort and consideration to make sure everything we do is created with the utmost integrity."

The band have released two EPs to date – 'EP#1' and 'Live At Worcester Music Festival 2011' – and are poised to release another two, contrastingly different, EPs – 'Unplugged' and 'Plastic Culture Human Vulture' – in October and November respectively. Each release is preceded by a single, 'In Sanity' and 'Chains (Unplugged)', both of which are available as a free download exclusively from http://vaultofeagles.bandcamp.com. All current and forthcoming releases are available from Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes.

James Gillespie, October 2012


"VoE are one of the few bands around who can rinse our eyes and ears, finding something new to say, which is risky and different." - Carlysle Egypt (Band Of Joy)

"A fantastic slab of Neolithic yet contemporary alternative Rock, heavy enough to knock down buildings but delivered with a surprising twist of ethereal beauty" - Green Man Music

"A dirge that conjures the image of P J Harvey fronting The Bad Seeds! you are in the bowels of the beast..." - Slap! Magazine

"A wicked band - cool sounds with enough swamp to sink Mississippi!" - Live & Loud

"VoE have already earned a serious reputation for delivering solid, edgy, hard-hitting rock, and the urge to watch and listen increases every time you see them perform. As their live show powers through dynamic sets of twisted, 70s inspired grooves, VoE create a vast sonic spectrum that surely is the envy of many 3-piece bands far and wide..." - Slap! Magazine


EP#1 - EP (2011)








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