This funk fuelled horn charger is what CANTALOOP are all about live, so to bring this to life in studio form is block-rockin! When Dannie, with a little help from the very REVEREND CLEVE say 'We Heavy' they're not messing! Lyrically they're not trying to change the world here but sometimes a killer party anthem can have that effect. And yes that's the HAGGIS HORNS blazing over this and if you don't know these boys which rock have you been under! Previously they've dropped their funkiness on many from AMY WINEHOUSE to MARK RONSON and beyond.

You can smell the funk on this one and if that bassline don't make you twitch then you're probably dead! 'Dig It' perfectly showcases the bands unique style of raw throwback funk whilst avoiding that retro 'funk by numbers' tag that can be firmly pinned on so many. These guys ride on no one's shirt tails.

Just CANTALOOP being CANTALOOP so... Dig It!


About Cantaloop

So the world doesn't stop spinning and Cantaloop work on a similar principle. Their non stop tour, gig, tour, record, gig, tour mentality is a source of strength and without it they may well have imploded, like many before them.

Cantaloop have always been able to adapt to the ever changing music industry volcano, yet they still retain their truly distinctive sound so whatever guise their music takes, you can still smell that funk! It's part of their DNA and with it they've continued to deliver their jaw dropping live shows which are an infectious blend of funk-hip-hop-soul with floor-filling swagger that ignites and unifies crowds nationwide, and has done since the day they began.